too bad for heaven, too good for hell at Mrs. Gallery in Maspeth, NY

Excerpt from the press release:

Wall-bound, fabric-clad, sculptures loaded with traditionally femme signifiers: flowers, broomsticks, high heeled shoes, soft body parts, and ruffled skirts; are displayed above a plush, dusty rose colored carpet. The title reads like a badge of honor that each artwork could wear with pride, and speaks to the otherworldliness of Nestler’s project. 

Each work in the exhibition is freighted with personal and cultural allusions, all embedded within Nestler’s rich material language. In Three Tongues, lush red velvet curtains frame a petite stage, a series of lapping stone tongues take the place of the orchestra in the pit. In The Therapist (attributed to Magritte), wooden shutters open onto a window muntin which imprisons a leather clad torso, its conical breasts bisected by the grid become toothless mouths, one chomping on a soft cigar. A taunt to Freud, they goad classification.

The miniatures, fables, and fairies occupy a time outside of our standard 24-hour clock, while Slime-time and Surrealist time have an interior pace, which feels particularly resonant in this moment. Just as the pandemic upended our conception of time, Nestler shows us what it means to be beholden only to our own boundaries. 

-Press Release written by Andrea Nitsche-Krupp