Portal Glove



Light Patina and polish

24 × 22 × 15,5 cm

Signed and numbered

Edition of 8 + 4 artist’s proofs

Certificate of authenticity

Screenprinted wooden box

Contact vincent@bomma.fr / www.bomma.fr for inquiries

Rose Nestler delves into the symbolism of stigma, drawn to its deep connections with essential elements such as devotion, belief systems, divine intervention, and power, as well as the striking visual impact it generates. The term “stigma” itself evokes a mark of disgrace imposed by society, creating a captivating duality between symbol and word. This duality has been the subject of Nestler’s extensive research, recurrently integrated into her artistic work. With Portal Glove, Nestler brings this conceptual exploration to life. The artwork features a glove adorned with a stigma on its leather, symbolizing an indelible mark. However, delicate flowers intersect the stigma, creating a subtle tension between disgrace and hope. These flowers represent hope, perseverance, rebirth, and acceptance of human mortality. Thus, Nestler succeeds in conveying a profound reflection on the complex and contradictory aspects of the human condition. Her artwork invites viewers to contemplate how marks of disgrace can be transcended by the power of hope and resilience. Through the juxtaposition of stigma and flowers, Nestler explores the possibilities of transformation and redemption, while emphasizing the inherent beauty and fragility of human existence.