Arena - a three person show at SPACE in Portland, ME

Curated by Elizabeth Spavento

Excerpt from Press Release: The three artists included in the exhibition use the aesthetics of sports and athleticism to consider broader narratives about material, queer and feminist histories.

Rose Nestler's work highlights the ways that societal norms and gendered stereotypes play out on the body and on the field. Her sports bra sculptures demonstrate the ways in which clothing can at once dictate power and gender while her video works demonstrate how that power is enacted through ritual and collective action.

In the Net
Neoprene, thread, batting, wire mesh, zipper
Area Installation View with Ben Spalding and Anna Queen
Body Glove
neoprene, spandex, thread, batting, wire mesh, zipper
Gymnasia Video on Monitor with In the Net
Gymnasia (three channel installation)
three channel video