GREY MATTER - a two person show presented at SPRING/BREAK 
Curated by Valery Jung Estabrook

Excerpt from Press Release: GREY MATTER presents recent sculptural works by Rose Nestler and Corey Escoto: Nestler’s reinterpretative series of sewn power suits and Escoto’s politically minded resin tissue-box covers. Rooted in disguise with the purpose of revealing the truth — a power held within vulnerability — their works occupy the “grey” area that connects FACT and FICTION.

The “power suit” refers to the style of business suits typically worn by women in the 1980’s: wide-shouldered, angularly cut, rigid garments that reinvented the female form in business culture.  These suits provided women’s bodies a masculine shield and a facade of dominance at a time that wasn’t welcoming to women working in the corporate sector.  It was their armor.  By interpreting these iconic items of clothing into soft sculptures and wall hangings, Nestler reinstates feminine power. Often constructed with hands sewn into the garment, these suits offer a comically menacing potential to “grab back.”